Stranger Shares Adorable Selfie Of Disabled Boy He Befriended On Flight

All parents know how stressful it can be when flying with children, especially when the passenger in the seat next to you makes it clear they’d rather be anywhere else than near your family.

But thankfully not all travellers are the same.

As now one man has shared an adorable selfie with a young boy he met travelling on an internal flight from Philadelphia to Denver, Colorado, in the USA.

As soon as he boarded the plane he explained that the child “just stared at me” as he took his seat next to the family of three.

The poster, who goes by the name SunshineGuardian on Imgur, said: “I work as a pediatric technician for the air force so I’m pretty good with kids and can tell if something about them is different.”

During the flight, the boy’s mum and sister, who only spoke Spanish, explained to their neighbour that the boy has a brain condition that means the left side of his brain - responsible for speaking, walking, memory and other cognitive behaviours - was completely non-functioning.

But instead of being daunted by his “new friend” the man rose to the challenge and entertained the little boy by sharing his music, chatting and taking selfies.

“Me and my new bud listened to music (he really enjoyed Coure de Pirate, a French artist) and communicated through pointing, gestures and babbling. All in all, it was an amazing flight,” he said.

He also helped mum talk to the flight attendants as she couldn’t speak English, saying: “Mum was smiling and laughing right there when we were taking selfies.”

If only we could all have fellow passengers like that.