'Do You Know What Brass Neck Means?': Rishi Sunak Mocked Over Claim Tories Are Party Of 'Change'

The prime minister was grilled during an interview with the BBC's Nick Robinson.
Rishi Sunak was interviewed by Nick Robinson after making his conference speech.
Rishi Sunak was interviewed by Nick Robinson after making his conference speech.

Rishi Sunak was told he has a “brass neck” for claiming only he can change the country despite the Tories being in power for 13 years.

Nick Robinson mocked the prime minister during an interview on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme.

Sunak has earlier insisted that voters who want to change the way the country is run should back the Conservatives at the next election.

Robinson said: “It’s a bit of a curious slogan for an election though isn’t it - it’s time for a change, stick with the Tories?”

The PM replied: “Because politics needs to change. We need to change politics if we want to change our country. That’s the change I’m bringing.”

But Robinson hit back: “You represent a seat in Yorkshire. Do you know the phrase ‘brass neck’? Do you know what it means?

“Do you not think it shows a brass neck to stand on a stage after 13 years of Conservative rule, five prime ministers, tearing up promises that they’ve made and saying ‘trust me to make changes in the future’?”

Sunak said: “This is about leadership. I’ve been prime minister for less than a year. The choice at the next election is between me and Keir Starmer.

“I’m the person that’s doing politics differently, I’m the person that’s making the big decisions that are going to change our country for the future.”

The interview took place after Sunak’s speech to the Tory conference in Manchester in which he axed he HS2 link to the city, and announced he was scrapping A-levels and bringing in a gradual ban on smoking.


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