nick robinson

The Today programme presenter gave the chancellor a brief political history lesson.
The Today programme host has a few things to say about Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg too.
Rishi Sunak's flagship legislation will now not pass until next week at the earliest.
The Today programme presenter clashed with health secretary Victoria Atkins.
Robert Jenrick argued that the attack reflects badly on the UK's asylum system.
The BBC presenter said the former home secretary was "a headline-grabber".
Jeremy Hunt said he was introducing the "biggest tax cut since the 1980s" but the overall burden is going up.
"It’s called The Plot. You can buy it if you want," says the BBC presenter at the end of bizarre interview about new book.
The prime minister was grilled during an interview with the BBC's Nick Robinson.
The Today programme presenter roasted the health secretary over plans to ban doctors from taking industrial action.