nick robinson

The Conservatives lost two other seats last night and held Uxbridge by just 495 votes.
“I think that is really base, I’m really sorry you’ve done that, Nick.”
Jake Berry had no answer to the storm over the ex-PM's plan to make Stanley Johnson a Sir.
The BBC presenter ended up cutting short his interview with Alex Stafford.
"This great transformation of our economy promised six years ago and you’re saying it’s the end of the common agricultural policy".
"Can you think of an example of anyone coming back to a job they've been sacked from a week later?"
The foreign secretary had previously accused Liz Truss' critics of not listening to what she planned to do.
The former Rishi Sunak supporter had criticised Liz Truss's economic plans during the Tory leadership contest.
The foreign secretary has no public engagements that would have stopped her facing the BBC broadcaster.