08/10/2018 12:35 BST | Updated 09/10/2018 09:19 BST

'Doctor Who' Praised For Representation of Dyspraxia As Jodie Whittaker's First Episode Wins Rave Reviews

Her debut was also watched by a whopping 8.2 million.

Jodie Whittaker’sDoctor Who’ debut has received rave reviews, but for a lot of people, the show also impressed with the way it managed to deal with many complicated issues.

At the centre of the episode was one of the Doctor’s new companions, Ryan Sinclair, who talked about having dyspraxia.


The disorder affects hand-eye coordination and 16 per cent of the population currently live with it. 

While dyspraxia is little-displayed on screen, many viewers praised how the disability was represented through Ryan, who is played by Tosin Cole. 

The episode also aired at the start of Dyspraxia Awareness Week, and while it is unclear if producers planned for this to be the case, it was a nice surprise for people supporting the campaign. 

Dyspraxia wasn’t the only issue the show dealt with, it also tackled problems that can affect all of us. 

Another of the Doctor’s companions, Graham O’Brien played by Bradley Walsh, talked about dealing with losing his wife and his remission from cancer.

However, it did still not take away from just how phenomenal Jodie Whittaker was as The Doctor, with her winning plaudits for her portrayal of the Time Lord. 

There were others who were also just a little bit happy about Sheffield featuring prominently, and the prevalence of Yorkshire accents. 

Not only did the show receive rave reviews, but it was a big hit in the ratings, with 8.2 million people tuning in.

This makes it the biggest first episode for any Doctor since Christopher Ecclestone’s debut in 2005, which opened with 8.4 million.

The figure is also nearly double the number of people who tuned in to see the first episode of the last series in 2017. 

‘Doctor Who’ continues on Sunday at 6.55pm on BBC One. 

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