7 Dogs* At Polling Stations Plus A Few Having A Politics-Induced Existential Crisis

*May contain reindeer.

It’s December, it’s dark, it’s drizzly, and the UK’s political future hangs in the balance of one vote, which is taking place as we speak.

It’s been little more than two years since our last general election, and it’s been a campaign filled with divisive rhetoric, misinformation, and brutal back-and-forth between opposing parties.

Heading to the polls can be an anxious time for many, but thankfully there’s one silver lining – dogs at polling stations.

And there are some dogs that just seem to, well, get it. The dread, the anticipation, the (dare we say it) excitement.

Here are 13(ish) dogs that have somehow managed to capture the mood of a nation:

1) This pup with a clear plan (and a punny choice of outfit):

2) A 7am trip to the polls is not for the faint-hearted, and boy does this dog know it:

3) This elegant dog, who put results panic behind him and really exploited the fashion possibilities that come with a rare winter election:

4) This collection of canines, who may or may not have gathered to orchestrate an underground political campaign of their own:

5) When you’re just trying to have fun at the Christmas party but intrusive thoughts about the state of UK politics are really bringing down the vibe.

6) It’s a great day for festive panic, as Rhuaridh is silently communicating with some urgency:

7) Show me another picture that captures the existential dread of a general election better than this:

8) How about Baxter, captured here, dreaming *hard* of a better world:

9) Mabel may be a senior citizen but she is ready for any result. Long at that stance:

10) These dogs, putting on the bravest of faces:

11) Perhaps we should take a leaf out of this girl’s book, and just be happy to be there:

12) These huge, seasonal dogs proudly exercising their democratic right:

13) Last but not least, an honourable mention to the #PugsAtPollingStations, all of which are apparently existing in a permanent existential crisis:


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