old age

Scientists found one dosing regimen may actually provide 90% protection against Covid-19.
Really linking to my mum, for me, has always been through visiting her at her home, sitting with her in her garden, and appreciating her pride at the environment she had created for herself
Next month I'll be turning 91. For most people, when they think of those in their nineties, they envisage decrepit specimens who aren't capable of much more than sitting on armchairs whilst watching TV in a care home. While not everyone who gets to my age is blessed with good health, this stereotype of 'older people' is incredibly damaging.
A former dance teacher celebrating her 107th birthday has put down her longevity down to drinking a glass of whisky every
Having the ability to reverse ageing seems more like a miracle than a medical possibility, but now a team of scientists claim
If life (or the size of your retirement pot) has had you despairing of late, then let us reassure you with the happy news
We can't do better than our best, no matter how much we want to try. We can't be superheroes. We can't just twirl around and save the world, no matter how Amazonian and heroic we may feel. We can't defeat the darkness of disaster and unfairness and growing old.
He said the key to a long life was 'patience'.
An Indonesian man believed to be the world’s oldest person ever has died at the supposed age of 146. Sodimedjo, also known
Today is the first day of the rest of your life - it's an expression we're all familiar with. Irritating, in-your-face emotional
Forget worrying about old age because new research suggests we’ll all be having the time of our lives once those grey hairs
So this is the first time we've seen people grow older with HIV on such a scale. Thirty years after the AIDS crisis took so many precious lives from us, it is extraordinarily positive to see this progress - but there are a lot of unknowns facing those of us growing older with HIV.
Three hours later I had fallen a little bit in love. Vera is 97 writes poetry, knits scarves for the homeless and loves meeting new people. Every day she goes out to different places to meet people and do things rather than taking the easy route and staying safely in front of the TV.