Dominic Raab Gets Roasted As Awkward Tory Leadership Pitch Goes Viral


There is a lot – and we mean *a lot* – of competition to be the next leader of the Conservative Party.

Since Theresa May announced she would be standing down last week, a total of ten ambitious Tory MPs have thrown their hat in the ring to replace her.

Among them is the PM’s former Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, who on Tuesday tweeted a video about his political philosophy.

The curiously-choreographed clip opens with the hardline Brexiteer - who once suggested seeming to gaze at a field of people enjoying the sun, before turning to face the camera to say: “Fairness. For me that word means cutting taxes for the lowest paid.”

Needless to say, the spectacularly awkward clip has sparked a major reaction on Twitter.

It may not be what Raab was aiming for, but when Boris Johnson is the frontrunner you have to do something to stand out.

Everyone probably needs cheering up after months of Brexit deadlock, so here is a selection of the jokes on Twitter.

Mirror Online political reporter Mikey Smith attempted to single-handedly start a meme.

Others were less kind.

Some were downright bizarre.

And it perhaps wouldn’t be your average day on political Twitter if Alan Partridge did not make an appearance.

We look forward to the other candidates similarly covering themselves in glory over the coming days.

Candidates must be nominated by at least two Conservative MPs.

If only one candidate comes forward, he or she becomes leader, but given the high volume of candidates that seems unlikely.

The list of candidates will be whittled down to a shortlist of two in a series of votes by Conservative MPs.

MPs’ votes should be concluded by the end of June, the party has said.

The final pair then go to a postal ballot of all party members, with the position of leader – and prime minister – going to the victor.

A new leader will be in place for July and is likely to set out a new policy agenda at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester starting on September 29.


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