13/02/2019 16:49 GMT | Updated 14/02/2019 09:32 GMT

Donald Trump Just Ruined A Meme And People Have Mixed Feelings About It

"And the NICE joke is dead. RIP."

Donald Trump just made a sex joke.

There’s a tiny chance it was by accident but the evidence points to a deliberate act.

Here it is.

Unless you’re familiar with the 69/nice meme this might seem like a fairly innocuous tweet, but let us explain.

A “69” is a sex position, also referred to rather bafflingly in the Karma Sutra as “The Congress of a Crow”.

A popular internet meme requires anyone to respond to a statement containing the number 69 with “nice”.

Hence the 69/nice meme and hence why some people are a bit enraged about Trump’s tweet.

But it did have at least one fan.

In Trump’s defence it could all be one big innuendo-laden coincidence – Barack Obama also had his own 69 moment in 2016, the only difference being he didn’t add his own “nice”.

Everyone else did it for him.

In the realm of actual politics, President Trump today said he is “unhappy” with a hard-won agreement to prevent a new government shutdown and finance construction of more barriers along the US-Mexico border, but he did not say he would not sign the measure.

Republican congressional leaders swung behind the proposed deal, selling it as a necessary compromise, the Press Association reports.

The president said he does not believe there will be a shutdown, which could have hit hundreds of thousands of federal workers again this weekend.

“Everything” is on the table, he said at the White House, but “we certainly don’t want to see a shutdown”.