02/03/2017 17:20 GMT

Donald Trump Hails Scottish-Born Canadian Immigrant Alexander Graham Bell As A Great US Inventor

Bell was born and raised in Scotland before moving to Canada.

Donald Trump has hailed Alexander Graham Bell as among some of the greatest US inventors - despite the fact that he was Scottish.

During his first presidential address to Congress on Tuesday, the US president described the celebrations which took place on the country’s 100th anniversary in 1876.

He said: “At that celebration, the country’s builders and artists and inventors showed off their creations.”

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Donald Trump described Alexander Graham Bell as being among some of the US' great inventors

He began his list, which also included Thomas Edison and Eliphalet Remington, by saying: “Alexander Graham Bell displayed his telephone for the first time.”

Bell was born in Edinburgh in 1847, before moving to London in 1865.

He went on to travel to Canada in 1870 and only finally ended up in the US when he travelled to Boston in 1871. 

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Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone

Bell’s telephone was indeed exhibited at the 100th anniversary celebrations in 1876.

He finally became a naturalised US citizen in 1882.

Many were quick to point out Bell’s Scottish heritage...

As well as the fact he could also be judged as a Canadian...