Donald Trump's Campaign Lies Laid Bare In Hilarious 'The Daily Show' Video

This is utterly astounding.




All heard from the mouth of one Donald Trump during his presidential election campaign.

Only now he’s saying it isn’t true.

In a year where practically anything short of an Independence Day-style hostile alien takeover fails to raise eyebrows, the President-elect of the USA has taken to a stage and blatantly admitted his campaign rhetoric was utter tosh.

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, has succinctly highlighted how Trump has backtracked with seemingly no regard for the truth on his Thank You Tour.

He says: “What you see here is a character I like to call ‘Truth Trump’.

“You’ll notice when you watch him closely, right, The Donald, the voice of some political opinion, then Truth Trump slips out and tells you the real deal.”

Noah then goes on to show clips of Trump saying he no longer thinks elections are rigged “because he won”, he never even liked the phrase “drain the swamp” let alone meant it and he never had any intention of locking up Hilary Clinton.

Watch the clip above and prepare to be astounded.

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