24/07/2017 18:24 BST

Donald Trump's Sketch Of New York Is A Lot Like The 'Trump Draws' Twitter Parody

President's doodle is up for auction.

A sketch of the Manhattan skyline from the pen of Donald Trump is up for auction against an opening bid price of $9,000.

The “very rare” doodle of New York’s famous outline, which features Trump Tower, is up for grabs through Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

The US President’s 11.5-by-9-inch drawing is completed with his now famous “Donald J. Trump” signature in gold.

Nate D Sanders Auctions

The auction house notes:

“Light smudge and abrasion to right side, otherwise near fine condition. Originally drawn by Trump for a charity event, and very rare, with only a handful of such drawings known.”

His signature has been immortalised since assuming office in January, with Trump wasting no time in dashing off a series executive actions, which effectively allow him to create new laws.

The orders, signed amid media fanfare and with the President surrounded by jubilant supporters, have included a five-year lobbying ban for administration officials, a request for a plan to take down ISIS, and the much-delayed Muslim travel ban.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The tableau gave rise to an incredibly popular Twitter feed called @TrumpDraws, which turned a clip of the moment of executive action into simple, child-like sketches of everyday objects and the big news events of the day.

In light of the sketch, they don’t seem too far off reality.

The most entry recent marks the release of O.J. Simpson from prison.

Here Trump is imagined drawing a peanut. 

And running through the alphabet.


Here’s a fox.

Indeed, the debut ‘Trump Draws’ is not unlike the sketch up for auction, essaying instead his new home.

And some of it on display.

The auction ends on Thursday.