5 Bizarre Moments From Donald Trump's Interview With Nigel Farage

It's unlikely anyone was expecting a Sean Connery impression.

Donald Trump has given an interview to former Ukip leader Nigel Farage for GB News during his recent visit to Scotland.

It contained many of his usual talking points – including bashing Meghan Markle and US president Joe Biden – but also a number of curiosities.

1. War in Ukraine “analysis”

Trump claimed it would be “easy” to end the grinding, 14-month war in Ukraine – defying every serious analysis of the conflict.

He said: “If I were president, I will end that war in one day. It’ll take 24 hours. I will get that ended. It would be easy.

“That deal would be easy. A lot of it has to do with the money. That war has to be stopped. It is a disaster.”

Trump said he “got along great” with Russian president Vladimir Putin, adding: “Putin never would have gotten into Ukraine if it weren’t for the incompetence of this administration, this current administration.

“Putin was not going in, it was never mentioned and I knew him very well.”

2. Gets angry with “windmills”

Trump has had a long-running battle with the Scottish government over blocking his plans for golf course development – with wind farms often standing in his way.

Here, Trump tried to re-frame his reputation as an uncompromising industrialist, and suggested he opposed “windmills” because he’s actually a bit of an environmentalist.

“You want to see a cemetery of birds?,” he asked Farage, a fellow turbine sceptic. “Walk under a windmill.”

He also had something to say about whales: “Wind farms seem to be driving them onshore. I don’t know what that’s all about that, but that’s certainly not good.”

3. Compliments Farage’s eyesight

After the interview, Trump and Farage took a filmed, leisurely stroll around the ex-president’s Turnberry golf course, with the pair stopping at the clubhouse to look out on the manicured holes. An odd back-and-forth took place.

Former US president Donald Trump alongside Nigel Farage at the Trump Turnberry course in South Ayrshire.
Former US president Donald Trump alongside Nigel Farage at the Trump Turnberry course in South Ayrshire.
Andrew Milligan - PA Images via Getty Images

Farage: “I saw you hole a good putt on the 18th.”

Trump: “Yeah, that was good.”

Farage: “That was for the four, wasn’t it?”

Trump: “That was for a four. Did you watch it from here? Were you able to see the ball go in the hole?

Farage: “Yeah!”

Trump: “You have good eyes. You don’t have any help with your eyes? You can see the ball going in the hole from here?”

Farage: “The only thing I need help with is short reading.”

Trump: “But long you have great eyes.”

Farage: “Almost be a pilot, you know.”

4. Calls Boris Johnson “far-left”

Trump said the ex-prime minister “changed a lot in office”, suggesting policies under his Conservative administration were “far-left”.

Trump said the Tories “really weren’t staying Conservative”.

“They were going – I mean they were literally going far-left,” he continued.

“It never made sense. I’m saying this as an insider looking in, they were going far-left. What were they doing?”

5. Drops a Sean Connery impression

Trump was also critical of former Scotland first minister Nicola Sturgeon – again mainly as a result of perceived obstacles put in the way of his beloved golf courses.

Trump said he did not think that the former SNP leader, who announced her intention to step down in February, loved her country, adding: “Somebody who comes in and spends a lot of money ... I remember Sean Connery saying ‘let him build his bloody golf courses!’.”


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