Mehdi Hasan Mocks Donald Trump Jr's Latest Whine With The 'Vlogger's' Own Frantic Words

The MSNBC host called out the former president's oldest son.

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan said right-wing figures are all attacking Fox News in the days after the network parted ways with longtime host Tucker Carlson.

“The knives are out for that network,” he said Tuesday night. “Even third-tier vloggers who couldn’t get themselves booked on Fox before Tucker got canned are now taking shots.”

By “third-tier vlogger,” he was referring to Donald Trump Jr, oldest son of the former president and once a frequent Fox guest who this week griped that he hasn’t been on the right-wing network in nine months.

“How strange,” Hasan said as he laid on the sarcasm. “I just can’t imagine why Fox or any cable network would not be banging down Don Jr’s door for this kind of incredible content.”

To make his point, Hasan played a clip reel of Trump’s ranting about various issues and plugging products:


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