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The former president's son looked back on his father's administration as he knocked "Bidenomics" at an Iowa campaign event.
The son of the former president gets a blunt reminder of what he said on the day of the Capitol attack.
The late night host tore into the "Gambozo" family over their latest courtroom claim.
Lawrence O'Donnell called it "the stupidest possible thing he could say" under oath.
The late-night host isn't buying this claim the son of the former president made on the witness stand.
"Make me look sexy," the former US president's son told courtroom artist Janet Rosenberg on Thursday.
Kristy Greenberg explained why the former president's son "can't have it both ways" with his civil fraud trial testimony.
Eldest son doesn’t “feel right about profiting” from his dad’s arrest, but he'll do what he must to help “the cause”.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also complained that she was blocked from entering the spin room after the presidential primary debate.
The former president's firstborn son told a conference on Sunday, “Luckily, I don’t snort cocaine."