Jimmy Kimmel Names Most 'Embarrassing' Member Of Trump's 'Very Dumb Crime Family'

The late night host tore into the "Gambozo" family over their latest courtroom claim.

Jimmy Kimmel on Monday said protesters chanting “crime family” at Donald Trump Jr. earlier in the day got it exactly right.

“That is basically what these people are: a crime family,” Kimmel said. “A very dumb crime family. The Gambozos, if you will.”

Trump Jr. was heading into court in the civil fraud trial in New York, where he testified that his father is “an artist” when it comes to real estate.

“Yeah, he’s an artist,” Kimmel sarcastically agreed. “He’s Vincent van Gogh-ing to jail.”

Kimmel called the son of the former president “so embarrassing,” and pointed to an interview in which Trump attorney Alina Habba referred to Trump Jr. and brother Eric Trump ― both executive vice presidents in the Trump Organization ― as “boys” and “kids.”

“That’s right, they’re just boys. They’re kids. Eric has a book report due this weekend,” Kimmel said. “They’re both still wearing pull-ups.”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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