Donald Trump Jr Whines About Fox News Not Inviting Him On For Longest Time

"I've been watching the censorship happening," the former president's son complained.

Donald Trump Jr. on Monday griped that Fox News has not booked him as a guest in a long time, blaming “censorship.”

“I used to be on Fox three, four, five, six, 10 times a week,” he said on the “Steak for Breakfast” podcast.

“I haven’t been on in nine months. Not a call, not an invite, not anything,” he continued. “So I understand what it appears like they’re trying to do to the America First movement. You know, Tucker was another one of those voices.”

The former president’s oldest son attributed his long-term absence from the channel his father once revered to a larger issue of right-wing outlets turning against him and others.

“I’ve been watching the censorship happening, even in conservative mainstream media,” Trump Jr said. “You saw what Fox did to Tucker Carlson last week, and the week before that, it was Dan Bongino.”

Trump attributed Carlson’s firing by Fox News to the cable personality’s “America First” agenda, such as questioning the United States’ support of Ukraine to defend itself against the Russian invasion.

He claimed that Carlson was shown the door after saying that former President Donald Trump was the only person who understands foreign policy and the risks of the US proxy war with Russia.

Carlson was ousted after Fox News settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million (£631.10 million). The conservative channel rode the ex-president’s false cries of balloting fraud from the likes of Carlson to feed its ratings.

Carlson was also found to have sent “highly offensive” messages that alarmed Fox execs. He privately mocked spreaders of the election lies while publicly boosting the conspiracy theories. He also privately disparaged the former president.

Trump Jr’s father experienced what some observers called a “soft ban” by Fox News between late September 2022 and late March, when he did not have an on-air interview, The Associated Press reported.

As for the reason behind the son’s absence from the channel, HuffPost reached out to Fox News and got no immediate response.


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