Tucker Carlson

The Russian leader wasn't exactly impressed by the former Fox News host.
The right-wing commentator had announced that he travelled to Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.
At least 19 other journalists are currently imprisoned in Russia amid strict press censorship.
The former Fox News personality "really should have gotten the website thetuckercarlsonnetwork.com," said the Late Show comedian.
The former Fox News personality praised the ex-president as “charming” and “brave,” adding that he was “a total sucker” for him.
The former Fox News host's streaming platform comes at a price.
The former Fox News personality discussed the possibility of landing on Trump’s ticket as the veep candidate.
The former president strolled into Madison Square Garden with Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson and Dana White before a surprise greeting at UFC 295.
The former Fox News host made the wild claim during an interview with Adam Carolla.