Tucker Carlson

"Fittingly, even Tucker's last words were a lie," one Twitter wit noted.
Carlson frequently stumped for Trump on air but in private expressed his hatred for the former president.
Twitter wits joked that the Fox News host's departure is probably a big concern for the Kremlin.
The conservative network did not say why it's parting ways with the host, who is known for his strident racism, misogyny and xenophobia.
The former president issued the most petulant response to the Twitter billionaire's admission to Fox News' Tucker Carlson.
Dominion's case against Rupert Murdoch's TV network is set to pull back the curtain on Trump’s election lies and how the broadcaster operates.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson looked pretty taken aback, too.
"This is too great an assault on our system," said the Fox News host who called insurrectionists "sightseers."
The Fox News host said he deplored the former president in private and wished for the day he could ignore him.