Tucker Carlson

Host Brian Kilmeade also solemnly introduced Trump as "the president of the United States."
The former Fox News host vowed to be back for “much more, very soon.”
The former Fox News host confessed to a major part of his personality in an exchange about a potential 2024 run against Donald Trump.
The former Fox News host was recently fired from the company because of “highly offensive” texts about the January 6 attack on the Capitol.
The MSNBC host called out the former president's oldest son.
“It’s not how white men fight,” Carlson wrote to a producer after watching a video of three men attacking an “Antifa kid.”
The far-right former prime-time host shared a brief video and did not explicitly mention his firing or Fox News by name.
While still on the air, the right-wing host was accused of acting like a Kremlin mouthpiece.
The video features lots of cackling from the former Fox News host.