Lincoln Project Gives Tucker Carlson The Tribute He Deserves

The video features lots of cackling from the former Fox News host.

Fox News’ decision on Monday to part ways with Tucker Carlson seems to have inspired strong reactions from all over.

Considering that Carlson has built his success on the channel using strident racism, misogyny and xenophobia, it’s no surprise many people felt obliged to give his exit the tribute it deserved.

Some people “honoured” him with snarky Twitter posts, while the “The View” mocked him by leading Monday’s audience in a singalong of the hit “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

But the most brutal “tribute” may have come from The Lincoln Project, a group of “Never Trump” Republicans that formed in 2019 to defeat former President Donald Trump.

The group’s clip showcased Carlson’s lowest moments, all backed by sad, mournful music. But the highlight of the clip may be the 10 seconds of Carlson cackling, especially when inserted after his prediction of the demise of the group.

You can see the clip below.


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