Tucker Carlson's Final Words On Last Fox News Show Are Quite Telling

"Fittingly, even Tucker's last words were a lie," one Twitter wit noted.

Monday’s announcement that Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox News may have been as much of a surprise for Carlson as it was for everyone else.

Although the network’s statement suggested Carlson’s departure was mutual, Carlson gave ― or had ― no clue it was coming during the final moments of Friday’s broadcast ― which is now known to be his last.

During the last segment on his final show, Carlson ate pizza with Tyler Morrell, a Pennsylvania pizza delivery driver who helped arrest a suspect eluding police.

In fact, his final signoff is a cheerful, “We’ll be back on Monday,” though it’s now clear that isn’t happening.

Not surprisingly, those last moments started going viral as people realised it was the end of an era.

The network said it will air “Fox News Tonight” “as an interim show helmed by rotating Fox News personalities” until Carlson’s replacement is named.


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