Donald Trump Jr's Sean Hannity Interview And 17 Questions He Should Have Been Asked

Sean, listen up.

Donald Trump Jr last night faced the media to defend himself, after he sensationally released emails that blew the lid off the longtime story that Trump’s team were unaware of Russian support for his 2016 US Presidential election campaign, and did not seek it.

His choice of inquisitor? Sean Hannity of Fox News who, judging by his preview tweets of the interview, wasn’t really interested in pressing him too hard on matters.

As journalistic integrity drained from the screens of millions of American TVs, Hannity spent the first ten minutes of the show lambasting the “biased media”, accusing them of focusing solely on Trump/Russia story and ignoring other matters such as the time Hillary Clinton sold uranium to the Russians and made millions from the deal.

(She didn’t by the way, that internet meme has been long-discredited).

Then Trump Jr appeared on our screens and preceded to engage in one of the most softball interviews ever to be aired.

In order to readdress the balance, HuffPost UK transcribed the interview and has suggested a few questions that the ‘biased media’ might want to put to Trump Jr.

There you go Sean, you’re most welcome.


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