Donald Trump Reveals 'Norway Has This Thing Called Water'


Donald Trump appears to have revealed just how little he knows about energy and the climate during yet another bizarre press conference, this time with the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg.

During a Q&A session he was asked by a reporter what it would take for the United States to remain in the Paris Accord on climate change.

The President repeated his claims it treated the US “unfairly” and was a “bad deal” but did say “we could conceivably go back in”.

Solberg then took the opportunity to push the virtues of environmentally sound technology but Trump responded with a brusque - and bizarre - answer.

He said: “One of the great assets of Norway is a thing called ‘water’ - they have tremendous hydropower, tremendous. In fact most of your energy is produced by hydro.

“I wish we’d do some of that.”

This, is the Hoover Dam.

thinkreaction via Getty Images

Not only is it one of the most famous feats of engineering in the US, it also provides 1.3 million Americans with hydro-electric power.

In fact hydro-electric power is the sixth largest source of energy in the US and the biggest of the renewables, providing 17% of the country’s total need.

Trump also referred to wind turbines as “windmills”, somehow linking it to Hillary Clinton and his election victory which he appears to not have quite gotten over yet.

The term is one he’s used often in the past, usually whilst professing a normally-absent passion for ornithology.

Trump also dodged a question on whether or not he would agree to be interviewed as part of the Special Counsel investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the elections last year.

He once again called the probe “a Democrat hoax”, adding: “For 11 months, we’ve had this phony cloud over this administration.”

You can watch the whole press conference below.


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