23/08/2017 11:39 BST

Donald Trump-Shaped Donald Trump-Orange Ecstasy Pills Seized By Police

Just when you thought drugs couldn't get any worse.

Seeing Donald Trump’s face every day is pretty much unavoidable these days.

And now his trademark smirk has even made it onto a huge batch of ecstasy pills.

Police in the north-western German city of Osnabrück seized a whopping 5,000 tablets as orange as the US president’s tan.

According to German media, a father and son duo were stopped in their car at about 9pm on Saturday night, local time. The pair said they were returning from Austria, where they wanted to buy a car, however, were unsuccessful.

Suspicious of this story, police searched the car and discovered the pills, which have an estimated sales value of £34,000. They also seized a large sum of money.

There’s no doubt whose face the pills were based on and to settle any dispute, each one was stamped with a tiny ‘Trump’.

Both the 51-year-old father and 17-year-old son were arrested and are now in custody.