Twitter Slaps Donald Trump's 'Racist Baby' Post With Manipulated Media Warning

The president shared a doctored clip of a Black toddler running from a white toddler, in an apparent attempt to discredit a major news channel.
Donald Trump at the White House on June 18, 2020
Donald Trump at the White House on June 18, 2020
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Twitter has flagged one of Donald Trump’s tweets with a ‘manipulated media’ warning after the president shared a fake news clip titled “Terrified todler [sic] runs from racist baby”.

The video, which had been doctored to look like it had been produced by US news channel CNN, showed a Black child running from a white child, with the banner “Racist baby probably a Trump voter”.

The clip then shows “what actually happened”, with the two toddlers running towards each other to hug before rushing off together in the same direction.

“America is not the problem,” the video then reads. “Fake news is. If you see something, say something.

“Only you can prevent fake news dumpster fires.”

A ‘manipulated media’ tag has since been added to the post by Twitter.

In an explanation of its rules, the social media site says it may give tweets “containing synthetic and manipulated media” this label “to help people understand their authenticity and to provide additional context”.

The original video of the children, which went viral in 2019, showed a Black toddler and a white toddler running towards each other and hugging.

It was published by CNN at the time under the headline: “These two toddlers are showing us what real-life besties look like”.

Replying to Trump after he tweeted a doctored version of the video, CNN’s communications team wrote: “CNN did cover this story – exactly as it happened.

″Just as we reported your positions on race (and poll numbers). We’ll continue working with facts rather than tweeting fake videos that exploit innocent children.

“We invite you to do the same,” they added. “Be better.”

The children’s parents have also responded to the incident on social media, CNBC reported.

According to the site, the father of one of the boys wrote on Facebook: “He will not turn this loving, beautiful video to further his hate agenda.”

Meanwhile, the mum of one of the toddlers added: “Utterly shocked. Trump posted this on his Twitter. For all you Trump supporters, I hope that his use of their beautiful video in this way disgusts you. It should.”

It is not the first time that Twitter has tagged Trump’s tweets. In May, the site added a fact-check warning to two of the president’s posts in which he made unsubstantiated claims of mail-in voting fraud.

The president, who has battled Twitter and other tech companies over alleged censorship of conservative voices on social media platforms, said last month he would propose legislation to potentially scrap or weaken the law shielding internet companies.


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