23/10/2016 17:22 BST | Updated 23/10/2016 21:24 BST

Donald Trump Supporters Quote Hitler To Attack The Media At Cleveland Rally

Set to the Backstreet Boys.

Donald Trump’s supporters have stopped pretending they’re not backing a racist to win the US presidential election and just started quoting Hitler instead. 

A pair of the self-claimed billionaire’s backers were caught on video at a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, channeling the Nazi dictator.

One, holding a sign bearing Trump’s slogan, angrily brandished at TV cameras, telling the journalists operating them: “That’s what you are: Lugenpresse.”

His companion then joined in, shouting the same before adding: “You said it right.”

But as The Huffington Post’s Christina Wilkie points out, Lugenpresse was a term most famously used by Adolf Hitler.

Reuters reports it was first used in Germany by critics of the free press during World War One.

It was also voted Germany’s ‘non-word of the year’ in 2015 by a panel of German linguists. 

Nina Janich, a professor at the Technical University Darmstadt and head of the six-member jury that selects such terms each year from the submissions, said at the time: “Luegenpresse’ is a word contaminated by the Nazis.” 

The one thing which made its use at a Trump rally slightly less sinister, though, was the background music.