01/04/2016 13:49 BST

Donald Trump To Receive Giant Bag Of D*cks For April Fools' Day

So now he can literally eat a giant bag of d*cks.

April Fools' Day is a special time of year, when companies and PR agencies all clamour to produce the most ridiculous prank, fake product or publicity stunt.

Everyone can calm down now though, because is marking the date by sending Donald Trump 4,000 containers of edible candy penises so he can literally eat a giant bag of dicks.

The prank site allows devious consumers to anonymously send the naughty gummy sweets to a victim along with a note saying "EAT A BAG OF DICKS!".

15,000 people joined in on a promotion run by the site which would send one bag of dicks to either Kanye West or Donald Trump for every bag of dicks purchased.

The final tally saw 4,006 people opt for a bag of dicks to be sent to Donald Trump, compared with 3,511 to Yeezy.

"Kanye's debt meltdown and typical cockiness wasn't enough to trump Trump's talking points of small hands, penis size, and abortion bans," a spokesperson told HuffPost UK.

As a result, the Republican presidential frontrunner will now receive over 4,000 bags of colourful edible willies. To quantify the size of this undertaking, each bag contains 100 sweets. That's almost half a million tiny gummy cocks.

And as if that wasn't enough, Kanye will also receive 3,511 bags.

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