Brighton Woman, Ivanka Majic, Tagged By Donald Trump's Twitter Instead Of His Daughter

This should be interesting.

A Brighton and Hove woman has been unwittingly thrust into the social media limelight after Donald Trump tagged her in a tweet instead of his daughter.

Four days ago, Ivanka Majic was happy with just making it into her local paper for her work on a restaurant awards scheme.

Then on Monday evening, Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was scheduled to appear on CNN.

During the show the President-Elect attempted to quote a line from the piece but managed to mess up Ivanka’s handle.

Ivanka, an ex-Labour employee who lives in Brighton and Hove, was woken at 6am by calls from the media.

And that wasn’t the only mistake in the tweet.

Majic later replied to Trump, taking the opportunity to have a dig at the President-Elect and his stance on the environment.

She told the BBC: “I came downstairs to check my phone and I had so many notifications.

“It’s very unusual to be speaking to both ITV and the BBC 45 minutes into your day.

“I am kind of like that @johnlewis bloke but John Lewis is probably nicer to be associated with.”

She added: “Ivanka is an incredibly boring and popular Slavic girls name. The other one I get confused with is an Hungarian concrete company called Ivanka concrete.”

Although she has said she will have no official role in her father’s administration, Ivanka Trump has been quietly laying the groundwork for an effort that could make her perhaps the best-connected policy advocate in Washington, reports AP.

Trump, who has made clear she wants to push for policies benefiting women and girls, last week sought the advice of a group of female executives and media stars in New York City. And transition aides have reached out to congressional staff on child care policies, an area she has urged President-elect Donald Trump to prioritise.

In a Facebook post detailing her next moves, Ivanka Trump thanked people who had reached out on such issues and added that she is determining the “most impactful and appropriate ways for me to serve our country.”

It is not clear if Trump will establish herself independently or if she will eventually enter the White House. But operating from the outside may take her into uncharted territory, as there are few recent examples of a first family member without a White House office advocating for policies. The closest model is the first lady, who has an office in the East Wing.

For now, the businesswoman has said only that she is stepping away from executive roles at the Trump Organisation and her lifestyle brand and is moving her family to Washington so that her husband, Jared Kushner, can take a job as a senior adviser. She has also stressed that she wants to focus on settling her three young children in a new home.


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