03/07/2017 08:59 BST | Updated 03/07/2017 11:45 BST

Donald Trump UK Visit Rumours Prompt Critics To Prepare Protests

'I will drop anything and everything.'

British critics of Donald Trump are preparing to protest after it was reported that he could be about to make a snap visit to the UK.

It was revealed on Saturday that Number 10 officials are “on alert” as Downing Street believes the property tycoon could drop in to his Aberdeenshire golf resort during a trip to Europe in two week’s time.

The Sunday Times reported that Theresa May’s team are on standby for Trump to visit Downing Street as well.

Carlos Barria / Reuters
A state visit by Donald Trump was scrapped over fears there could be large protests

A proposed official state visit was quietly scrapped last month amid fears over protests.

Journalist Owen Jones led calls for people to be prepared to protest a visit at short notice should the billionaire businessman decide to stop by...

Many on social media said they were prepared to join...

Trump is scheduled to visit France for Bastille Day celebrations on July 14, but could use the trip to make the unexpected hop across the Channel to see May in London.

A government source said: “We expect him to go to his golf course. We are aware he might want to see the prime minister. [The Americans] haven’t requested that he comes and we haven’t invited him, but we are aware it might happen.”

Any visit this month would be much less formal than the previous proposal - and is unlikely to involve the Queen.