Donald Trump's Las Vegas Shooting Tweet Fails To Condemn Violence

'Trump was more enraged by SOB black NFL players kneeling.'

After an uncharacteristic delay not seen in the wake of similar violence, Donald Trump has offered his “warmest condolences” to those affected by the mass-shooting in Las Vegas.

Almost seven hours after Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire at the final night of the sold-out three-day Route 91 Harvest country music festival, killing at least 50 people, the President tweeted:

Hundreds more were injured in what is the worst mass-shooting in modern US history, surpassing the death toll of the Orlando nightclub shooting in June of last year.

Trump is yet to make an official statement but White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, called the shooting a “horrific tragedy”, adding: “We are monitoring the situation closely and offer our full support to state and local officials.

“All of those affected are in our thoughts and prayers.”

The muted response is in stark contrast to his previous tweets on terrorist acts, often made before they had even been confirmed as such.

Las Vegas Police have so far ruled out the concert shooting as a terrorist attack, but said they are yet to establish what Paddock’s “belief system” is, or what could have motivated him.

Trump’s response to Sunday night’s shooting has raised a few eyebrows...

Trump is expected to make a statement later today.


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