Donald Trump's Latest Meltdown Gets Brutal Fact-Check

The California lawmaker serves the former president with a blunt reminder.

Donald Trump threw another fit on Monday about the investigation into the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, in which his supporters attempted to stop the certification of the 2020 election and keep him in power.

Trump blasted Representative Adam Schiff, lead manager of Trump’s first impeachment, calling him “shifty” and demanded that the “partisan” committee investigating the riot “stop at once.” The committee has seven Democrats and two Republicans and is not partisan, despite Trump’s complaints.

Trump also delivered a curious gripe given his own position on the events of January, writing:

“What happened to the Capitol would have never happened if the people in charge did their job and looked at the intelligence. They abandoned the officers on the ground, just like Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan. Instead of holding bad leaders accountable, the Democrats are going after innocent staffers and attacking the Constitution.”

Schiff was quick to fire back on Twitter, complete with an accurate title for Trump that those around the former president never use:

As president at the time, Trump was indeed one of the “people in charge.” Although a bipartisan Senate report found multiple failures with plenty of blame to go around, some were the fault of federal agencies under Trump.

“Neither the FBI nor DHS deemed online posts calling for violence at the Capitol as credible,” the report stated.

Although Homeland Security filed at least 15 documents on unrelated domestic extremism threats ahead of the attack, the department filed nothing about its intelligence on the plans forming about the Capitol assault.

Trump was also in charge in another much more direct way. He spent months spouting false claims about the election, and on January 6 egged on the crowd and sent it to the Capitol as Congress met to certify the election results.


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