capitol riot

Trump is now trying to block an investigation into the US Capitol attack he incited.
The California lawmaker serves the former president with a blunt reminder.
The former president is continuing to tell the same kinds of lies that incited the January 6 attack.
More than 100 businesses and three dozen individuals accepted $21 million from his political committees after the attack on the US Capitol.
Hamill compared the event to the worst Star Wars moment of all time.
Duke Wilson pleaded guilty to two charges as part of a plea agreement reached with federal prosecutors.
The FBI has arrested Logan Barnhart, whom online sleuths dubbed "CatSweat," with the help of the Sedition Hunters community.
Michael Fanone shouted when he told lawmakers, "The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful!”
Trump has been banned on the platform since his attempt to overthrow American democracy on January 6, but Twitter has taken no action against Liz Harrington.
Trump called the US Capitol attack a "lovefest" but a new supercut juxtaposes his words against what really happened.
George Conway named the "fundamental truth" hidden in Trump's insurrection claims.
Six months after the violent attack, the former president has fully embraced the Capitol rioters.
The former president won't be updating his status any time soon.
The lawsuit filed by two officers accuses the former president of directing the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6, leading to injuries and death.
The former US president dismissed the January 6 violence and complained that his supporters were being "persecuted" over it.
Michael van der Veen tossed his microphone to the ground and left.
Donald Trump did not know vice president Mike Pence was in danger when he criticised him on Twitter, said his lawyer, contradicting a Republican senator.
Here's what we've learned so far from Trump's second impeachment trial.
During the impeachment trial, Democrats highlighted the ex-president's many, many past instances of inciting violence.
The disgraced president turned his mob against Mike Pence during the violent storming of the US Capitol.