Adam Schiff

The California lawmaker serves the former president with a blunt reminder.
House Intelligence Committee chair warns Trump loyalists they will "share the responsibility" for what's to come.
Democrats say the president abused his power, and the White House response is that Democrats abused theirs.
Diplomats Bill Taylor and George Kent were the first two witnesses to publicly testify in the House's impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump
Trump and his Republican allies desperately want to take attention away from what the president did. Don't get confused.
Sauli Niinistö had to sit back and watch as US president went on the offensive.
The redacted report says the White House tried to “lock down” records of Trump's exchange with Ukraine’s president.
Don't forget the whistleblower alleging possible interference with the IRS audit of the president's tax returns.
The president asked whether anyone is "dumb enough" to believe he did what he is accused of doing.