Donald Trump's Latest Twitter Typo Is A Real 'Chocker'

"Like when you chock on your covfefe?" one person fired back online.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday used Twitter to attack Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s debate performances and urge Super Tuesday voters to reject the former New York mayor.

But Trump, famous for vitriolic digs at his opponents, called the billionaire media mogul a “chocker” instead of a “choker.”

Trump last week misspelled the same word while taking aim at Bloomberg’s 2020 Democratic rival, Senator Elizabeth Warren. tweeted that searches for the term – which it defines as “full up” or “packed” – rocketed in the wake of Trump’s typo.

The word also went viral on Twitter, where people made fun of the president for the latest in his long line of spelling mistakes.

Trump last week had the audacity to criticise someone else for a spelling error. It spectacularly backfired.

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