Donald Trump's Twitter Feed Is Still Childish Nonsense

Give it a rest Mr President.

President-Elect Donald Trump continued his feud with the cast of the musical Hamilton on Sunday, repeating his demand they apologise for “harassing” Mike Pence.

Oh, and he also had a pop at Saturday Night Live.

How very Presidential.

As a favour to Trump, HuffPost UK has sourced a few examples of people acting more grown-up than this on Twitter so he can have a benchmark to aspire to.

1) This baby demonstrating that taking calls with world leaders on unsecured personal phones is a little hypocritical after the whole Hillary email thing.

2) This mouse, showing Trump how to move forward from petty issues.

3) These two toddlers showing Trump that winning isn’t everything (you’ve got a country to run now).

4) This baby elephant showing how even if you look different you can still get long happily.

5) This baby demonstrating that when picking a Cabinet it’s best not to put everything in one white basket.


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