Dr Hilary Jones Was Asked If He Had Any Tattoos On Good Morning Britain And We Were So Not Ready For His Response

Even Piers Morgan didn’t see that one coming.

Dr Hilary Jones is known for stating the facts in his role as Good Morning Britain’s resident medical expert, but we’re not entirely sure if he was telling the whole truth during a discussion about tattoos on Wednesday’s show.

Host Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were leading a debate about whether or not having tattoos prevent a person from doing their job.

It wasn’t exactly a surprise that Piers isn’t a fan of the likes of teachers having any ink (“standards” blah blah blah), but viewers’ eyebrows were certainly raised when the presenter asked Dr Hilary if he had any body art.

No, I’m more of an intimate body piercing man myself,” Dr Hilary replied.

*spits cornflakes out*

Even Piers didn’t see that one coming, who was reduced to a fit of giggles.

’What’s funny about that?” asked Dr Hilary.

“Do you want to go into any further detail? Does it affect your ability to do your job?” Susanna enquired.

After Piers labelled the doc a “total deviant”, Dr Hilary requested “don’t judge me”.

Earlier this month, Piers’ GMB colleague Kate Garraway also severed up some laughs for breakfast as she had her viewers in stitches with an accidental innuendo.

The presenter was paying tribute to her milkman on the ITV breakfast show, when she soon said something that had the studio erupting into giggles.

Kate said that her milkman Mick had been “amazing” and “kept her going” while her husband Derek Draper has been in hospital with complications caused by coronavirus.

She said: “He’ll leave little notes saying, ’Do you need anything extra other than the milk?′ You know, like...”

Kate’s co-host Ben Shephard burst into laughter, as did showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold and weather presenter Alex Beresford.

Realising her innuendo, Kate shouted: “No! No!

“I mean like bread, butter or orange juice,” she insisted. “He leaves a little smiley face.”

“I bet he does,” Ben joked. “Are you still answering the door in your dressing gown and those fluffy slippers?”

“And a showercap!” Kate said.

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