This Bizarre Headband Will Supposedly Help You Sleep Better

But you will look like a Power Ranger.

A headband has been designed to revolutionise your nighttime routine and make sure you’re getting that much-needed beauty sleep.

Startup Rythm (spelt correctly) has created Dreem (also spelt correctly), a non-invasive felt headband that not only makes you look like a retired Power Ranger, but also works to monitor and analyse your brain during your periods of rest.

And it promises you’ll wake up feeling 88% more well-rested and alert.


The pioneering solution hopes to address the “sleepless epidemic” in the UK that sees Brits lose, on average, a full night of sleep every single week.

Studies have found that over 70% of Brits are not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep per night.

Designed by the legendary designer Yves Béhar, Dreem can help correct this with its host of sleep-enhancing features that users would utilise in the period before getting in bed through to waking up in the morning.

The headband normally works through an app on your phone, but before bed you can just use the buttons on the device itself so you aren’t subjected to the blue light from your phone, which wakes you up.

The headband will then reportedly help you fall asleep 30% faster than you currently do, using scientifically-proven cognitive and breathing techniques such as soothing audio that works in real-time with your brain to help you relax.


And when your mind can’t stop thinking (work, work, work), the ‘Words’ feature distracts you by favouring abstract thoughts that are conducive to sleep. As your mind wanders, this feature progressively activates your sleep switch.

And as it detects when you fall asleep, the sound gradually drowns away so your sleep is never interrupted (as opposed to waking up to deafening whale sounds).

Throughout the night it uses bone conduction technology to emit sounds at very precise moments of your deep sleep, claiming to enhance your deep sleep quality by 32%.

So once you’ve finally reached that elusive stage of deep (restful) sleep that we’re all missing out on, it will be time to wake up again.

And because it uses bone conduction the soothing alarm won’t wake your partner up either. Bingo.

Now before you get excited it’s important to note that this is an entirely untested device and is still only available to pre-order. Considering there are no shortage of gadgets that claim to help you sleep it’s important to note that not everything will work for everyone.

However, with the likes of Yves Behar on board that’s at least a step in the right direction.


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