'Dumb Things My Parents Said' Is The Most Relatable Thing On The Internet Right Now

"I'm tired", "It's because you're on that phone far too much." Oh.

Rolling your eyes at your parents is an important part of growing up – you spend your childhood believing every single thing they said, and then something clicks and you realise they’ve been feeding you little lies.

The Twitter hashtag #DumbThingsMyParentsSaid proves this point – and makes for interesting reading. However, you might be inclined to give them a bit more sympathy now you realise how stressed and knackered they must have been looking after kids.

At the same time, we’ve all spent a lot more time being people’s children than people’s parents, so it’s hard not to side with the kids who had to put up with this idiocy.

There are logic leaps that stand up to no scrutiny whatsoever:

And proclamations about science that simply aren’t true:

The false promises:

There are full-on displays of actual, inarguable stupidity:

Severely questionable priorities:

And there are impressively odd connections made, like blaming illnesses on spending too much time on the phone:

Or your hair choices:

And biologically implausible statements:

There’s also the fundamental unfairness of life when you’re neither a child nor an adult, but somewhere in-between: