Ed Balls Left 'Traumatised' After 'Dad-Dancing' Dominated First Appearance On Strictly Come Dancing

But it was still amazing.
<strong>Ed Balls showcasing his finest dancing moves with partner Katya Jones</strong>
Ed Balls showcasing his finest dancing moves with partner Katya Jones

More than a year after Ed Balls’ famous election blow out, the ex-shadow Chancellor took to the floor on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and blew the crowd away.

His eagerly-awaited first performance left no fans of either his politics or famous dance moves dissapointed.

Balls was paired with Russian professional Katya Jones for Saturday night’s ‘Strictly’ launch show and saw him showcase some top-quality dad dancing.

Such as this gem:

Afterwards, Balls said it was “pretty traumatising” watching himself back. The ex-Morley and Outwood MP said he was stuck between deciding what was worse ―”my dad moves or the pictures of me with all these sparkling celebrities looking like the guy who was there to serve the drinks”.

When quizzed on whether he could actually dance, Balls responded with a tentative “well”, before burnishing his credentials as a line dancer.

He was filmed by ITV line dancing with pensioners at a community centre in Kilburn, north London, a week before last year’s general election.

Balls told the Andrew Marr Show of his chances at success: “I may emerge from my chrysalis or it may turn out I was a slug all along.”

<strong>Balls getting down like the defecit</strong>
Balls getting down like the defecit

Yvette Cooper, Balls’ wife and former shadow home secretary, also revealed her husband was in a state of “shock and trauma” after the pair watched his first appearance together last night.

She was seen in the crowd cheering Balls on as his dancing partner was announced.

<strong>Cooper beaming with pride</strong>
Cooper beaming with pride

But Balls revealed last week that Cooper was sceptical about his chance on the show.

“I would like to commit to the rumba, but Yvette says I’m not allowed to do it because it may be appalling,” he told the BBC.

“I’m really looking forward to doing the Charleston. All that flapping about.”

Balls won plaudits from a number of political pundits, including Nick Robinson, and several Labour MPs too.

Balls will return with dancing partner Jones next Saturday at 6:50 pm.

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