El Chapo Implicated In The Panama Scandal And No One Is Really Surprised

"Hard to believe that celeb El Chapo, kingpin of Mexican drug cartel, would stoop so low as to use offshore banking."

The Daily Mirror's front page on Thursday morning was among reports that sought to highlight more of the seemingly unlikely celebrities and sports stars linked to the Panama Papers.

The tabloid's splash was emblazoned with the faces of actor Jackie Chan, The Duchess Of York, footballers Willian and Andy Cole and... international druglord El Chapo?

<strong>The front page of the Daily Mirror on Thursday.</strong>
The front page of the Daily Mirror on Thursday.
The Daily Mirror

Needless to say just about everyone jumped in to point out that they weren't exactly shocked to hear that global druglord and cartel leader El Chapo was being a bit dodgy.

But there was at least one person who could see strong links between the celebrities.

And it didn't take long for some of El Chapo's other misdemeanors to come to light:

While others were quick to point out that it might not have been all El Chapo's fault:

And these guys were having none of it:

For the record, El Chapo, previously the world's most wanted drug trafficker, is indeed a very bad man.

The Sinaloa drug cartel leader was re-arrested in January after a daring prison break.

The cartel smuggles multi-ton shipments of cocaine and marijuana as well as manufacturing and transporting methamphetamines and heroin, mostly to the US.