Elf On The Shelf: 7 Ideas To Get Through The Third Week

Elf and his melted snowman? Great idea.
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It’s already the third week of December, and while you’ve probably got plenty of things to get through on your to-do lists – you’ve still got to remember that elf.

In it simplest form, you can just move the elf around the house each morning will little effort. But if you want your kids to wake up to the elf in some funny scenarios, here are a few ideas you could do this week.


1. Cheeky elf

The elf’s snowman friend melted, which basically just means you need to fill up a bowl with water, some googly eyes, carrot and a few sticks.

2. Popular elf

Look who got all the Christmas cards!

3. Elf and friends

Create elf’s snowman friend (who isn’t melted) with just three pieces of marshmallow and some sprinkles.

4. Stocking elf

Are your stockings already hanging on the fireplace (or kitchen cupboard)? Let the elf squeeze in.

5. Hungry elf

This elf had a bit of a midnight feast!

6. Messy elf

Obviously this is only a good idea if you actually want to eat the popcorn afterwards.

7. Cosy elf

Cos even elves get sleepy.