17 Elf On The Shelf Ideas If You're Running Low On Inspiration

Don't give up just yet, parents. Try a few of these for a little elf preservation.
Elf on the Shelf is back.
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Elf on the Shelf is back.

Yes, that pesky elf is back, to the delight of kids and despair of many parents responsible for keeping him on the move throughout December.

For those who need reminding, Elf on the Shelf is the annual Advent tradition of manouvering a small, mischievous elf around your house on the daily.

You can go all out on the creativity front or take your inspiration wholesale from other parents doing the tricky brainstorming of new scenarios. If you’re still getting up to speed, we’ve got the full lowdown in our ultimate guide here.

Either way, we’ve been looking through the best of this year’s bunch so far on Instagram for this crib sheet of ideas for any elf that is running out of steam.

Disco elf

Gym Buddy Elves

Yogi elf


Hammock Elf

Elf Makeover

Elf in the Kitchen

Bowling for Elves


Duck Duck Elf

Micro-wah-vey Elf

Down-The-Sofa Elf

Spa-Day Elf

Elves Behaving Badly

And finally...