Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Get You Through Week Three

You've made it into the third week. Well done, mums and dads.
Elf On the Shelf

Congratulations! You’ve made it to week three – and if you’re still with us, we’ve got a few more elf ideas to share with you.

Last week, we offered you some ideas that require very little effort – but this week is a bit of a mix. If you fancy putting a little more time into your elf’s adventures, there are some suggestions below. If you don’t, no one’s judging you.

Oh and remember: your elf can literally just sit on the shelf in a different spot each day. You really don’t have to make a mini elf dressing gown with a mini elf bathtub. Enjoy!

1. Pet-Loving Elf

Whether he’s sitting on your dog’s back, on top of the hamster’s cage, or snuggling in the cat bed with your feline friend, let your elf be best buds with your pets this week.

2. Upside Down Elf

Tie his legs on your child’s door handle, so the elf is hanging upside down, ready to greet them when they wake up.

3. Graffiti Elf

Grab a pen and some fruit (bananas work well) and do a bit of doodling on items in your fruit bowl. Naughty elf, you’ll say, when your little one sees what they’ve done.

4. Friendly Elf

Now, you could invite over your neighbour’s elf for an elf bath (in a pan or slow cooker filled with towels or, in the case below, marshmallows). Or if you have two kids and two elves, just say they had a spa day together!

5. Football Fanatic Elf

This one requires a little more effort – are you up for the challenge? You can either buy a little doll-size football kit or have a go at making your own. Our suggestion? Draw it on a paper T-shirt and stick it to his front.

6. Stuck Elf

Only sellotape and present bows needed.

7. Boozy Elf

Some elves just need a glass (or bottle) of wine, alright?