Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Require Very Little Effort

Here are seven ideas to get you through another week of Elf on the Shelf.
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You might have committed to the ultimate Elf on the Shelf hack – meaning your elf is in isolation for two weeks – which means you won’t need any new ideas.

If you haven’t, you’ll be scratching your brains each evening for somewhere new and exciting for the elf to sit. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be new and exciting every day – your kids just want to see the elf moving!

Here are seven simple ideas that can be done in a matter of seconds before you head to bed each night. Because, come on, we all need a bit of a break.

1. Shelf Elf

I mean, he is called Elf on the Shelf, isn’t he? So it’s absolutely okay for your elf to literally sit on the shelf one day. That’s his favourite place to be, after all.

2. Hanging Elf

Hanging elves from above always looks impressive to kids. Just grab a piece of string, find somewhere up high (the higher, the better), and swing him up.

3. Soaking Elf

Baths are too big for our little elves – they have to have baths in the sink, instead. With some hot water and fairy liquid, he’ll be all set. And then later on, he’ll have to chill on the radiator to get warm and dry.

4. Hiding Elf

You could pretend your elf is playing hide and seek – this one is hiding in the cupboard with the stockpiled loo rolls. Turn it into a bit of a game.

5. Christmas Tree Elf

Elves love Christmas, of course they do. There’s probably nowhere they’d rather be to be honest (other than a shelf).

6. Treasure Elf

What can your elf dig up from behind the sofa? You might even find a couple of quid you never knew was there!

7. Teeth Brushing Elf

Combine the power of the elf with a lesson in brushing your teeth (well, if it’s good enough for Hey Duggee). Tell your kid the elf is watching to see if they brush their teeth properly – and will report back to Santa.