Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Get You Through Week One

He's back – even in a pandemic.
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Yep, even in a pandemic – the elf made it through. He’s back. Well, he’s back from Tuesday December 1.

If you have any questions from your kids about how exactly the elf IS on the shelf, when tiers 2 and 3 specifically state you are not allowed to mix indoors with anyone else – you can either tell them a) the elf has quarantined for two weeks before arriving; or b) that elves are exempt, because they’re magical.

In fact, you might even want to arrange for our elf friend to be wearing a little mask on his face on the first day at least to show he’s been safe on arrival.

Anyway – if you’ve committed to this whole shebang, you’ve got 25 days ahead of you and we can can hear your deep breaths from here. No coughing please.

Fear not. We’re here for you with a roundup of all the elf on the shelf ideas you could possibly need every Monday to see you through. Let’s do this.

1. Covid elf

Of course, there are already some great Covid ideas for your little elf friend. Grab a jar – an empty jam jar if you have one – and make a quick sign. Who knows, he might have to stay in there for a little while! (Shame).

2. Quarantine elf

Or, make the jar even fancier and turn it into an “isolation pod”.

3. Mask and shield elf

An easier option could be to put a mini mask on the elf for the first few days he’s in the house (cut a tiny bit off an old disposable mask).

4. Balloon elf

Covid aside, have your elf fly in with a few balloons. Balloons make everything jolly, don’t they?

5. Simple elf

Or, if you’re already exhausted in week one – a simple “hello” would do.

6. Hanging elf

Get the stockings out, and hang him on a lampshade for a truly grand entrance.

7. Weeing elf

There’s always got to be a silly one, right? Apple juice = elf wee, didn’t you know.