8 Elf On The Shelf Fails That'll Crack You Up

It's all part of the fun, surely?

No matter how hard you try to be on top form with your elf, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. But if you’ve forgotten to move your elf or accidentally burned his bum, fear not – other parents have too.

Here’s a round-up of mums’ and dads’ Elf on the Shelf fails they’ve shared. Because it’s all part of the fun, surely?

When The Dog(s) Ate The Elf

“It was only a matter of time before Watson the dog and Snowflake the elf met. Oops.”

When The Elf Got Knocked Over

Most parents know the elf must never move or be touched in sight of the kids. If he does, he “loses his magic”. This mum wrote: “I knocked the elf off the shelf right in front of the children, oops.”

When The Elf Got Burned

“We set our creepy elf on fire last year,” one mum wrote. “Don’t let your elves sit on light fixtures y’all.”

And another...

When The Extravagant Elf Plans Backfire

A mum who tried to arrange her elf on a cake plate had a bit of an accident during creation.

These two elves broke a (not-so-sturdy) gingerbread house.

When You Can’t Be Bothered To Move Him

This mum made a stand when her partner fell asleep on his night to move the elf. “He must be exhausted and landed on the floor face down,” she told her daughter. Good save.

When You Completely Forget To Move Him

Don’t worry, it happens. Use one of these excuses.

But it’s all worth it... isn’t it?