Emerald Fennell Reveals 1 Subtle Detail You Probably Missed In Saltburn's Opening Sequence

"Long live the king!"
Emerald Fennell
Emerald Fennell
Michael Buckner via Getty Images

With Saltburn dominating the conversation right now, filmmaker Emerald Fennell is lifting the lid on some of the smaller details that may have passed you by when you were watching.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, the Oscar winner shared an image of Saltburn’s title card, revealing it was painstakingly created using stop-motion techniques to tie in with the film’s central themes.

It took months to make as a single frame took half a day, but it encapsulates everything: a beauty that drives us mad,” she wrote.

Shortly after this, Emerald pointed out another subtle detail that was buried in the opening sequence of her latest big-screen offering.

“Saltburn’s opening sequence was written, filmed and edited to Handel’s Zadok the Priest: the coronation theme, which Anthony Willis beautifully re-orchestrated,” she explained.

“But here, when the title appears, the choir doesn’t sing ‘Zadok the Priest’, they sing ‘Oliver Quick’. Long live the king!”

This isn’t the only “aha” moment Saltburn fans have had in recent days, though.

Some viewers have only just realised they previously spotted a supporting cast member in one of 2021’s biggest TV dramas, while leading actor Barry Keoghan has also been lifting the lid on some of the movie’s most outrageous scenes, including his nude dance routine and unorthodox graveside tribute.

Meanwhile, Rosamund Pike – whose performance as Felix’s mother Elspeth is already generating Oscar buzz – made headlines this week when she spoke candidly about how she felt watching Saltburn for the first time.

Saltburn is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.


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