People Are Only Just Realising Where They've Seen Saltburn's 'Michael Gavey' Before

Ewan Mitchell and Barry Keoghan in Saltburn
Ewan Mitchell and Barry Keoghan in Saltburn

The penny is only just dropping for many Saltburn viewers about where they’ve seen one particular member of the cast before.

Emerald Fennell’s black comedy made its debut on Amazon Prime over the festive season, and has already had viewers gripped and divided opinion among critics.

Alongside cast members like Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi and Rosamund Pike, one of the film’s stand-out performances comes from Ewan Mitchell, who plays Oliver’s schoolmate Michael Gavey early on in the story.

For those with short memories, Michael is the slightly sinister student who urges Oliver to test his mental arithmetic, describing them both as “Norman no-mates”.

And while many viewers were left pondering exactly were they’d seen the character before, one fan on X (formerly Twitter) has given everyone a refresher.

These are the same people????????????????????” they wrote, alongside pictures of Ewan in character as Michael Gavey as well as in House Of The Dragon, in which he played Prince Aemond Targaryen.

Ewan’s other high-profile roles have included the historical drama The Last Kingdom, the sci-fi movie High Life, the ITV thriller Trigger Point, the war epic World On Fire and – as is the case for about 95% of British actors – an episode of the daytime soap Doctors.

Ewan at the House Of The Dragon premiere in 2022
Ewan at the House Of The Dragon premiere in 2022
Dave Benett via Getty Images

Last month, Ewan revealed he went pretty method with his performance as Michael Gavey, including carrying a certain prop with him wherever he went.

I never went to drama school so every job I do is an opportunity for me to try something different,” he told Digital Spy.

“You don’t see it in the scenes, but by my legs there was a used Tesco carrier bag full of algebra and Crunchie bars, and even off set I’d take it with me.

“I wanted to be true to the character, and I wanted you to imagine that you could see this character outside of the scenes he’s in, and maybe even be fascinated by what they might be.”


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