Emily Thornberry Mouths 'B******s At David Cameron Across The Commons

Labour's shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry mouthed "bollocks" across the Commons chamber at David Cameron on Wednesday. Twice.

The prime minister attacked the Labour frontbench as MPs debated the Queen's Speech.

"We do face an extraordinary Opposition team," he said. "The shadow business secretary is anti-business, the shadow city minister doesn't speak to the city. The shadow farming secretary, who should be responsible for encouraging Britain's livestock industry is actually a vegan, the shadow defence secretary doesn't believe in defence.

"And they are led by a proud republican who now has to call himself the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition."

Thornberry took offence at Cameron's description of her being anti-defence. Her reaction, noticed by Tory MPs, was greeted with roars from the government benches.

To make sure they had seen what she thought, the shadow defence secretary repeated it.